The Hardest Thing to Write

I try never to be cruel
And even more to never hate
I’ve survived through many things
Thrown my way by fate
The girl in the mirror
Sometimes I think she’s pretty
Even rarer are the times
When I can see she’s skinny
But I hear both these things
From boys and girls alike
In fact, both have loved me
To the surprise of my psych
So there is something to love in me
And deep down I know it’s true
The children here adore me
And I find I love them too
Sometimes I can sing and dance
Sometimes even draw
But I know it’s my words
That inspire the most awe
That and my acting talents
Of which I’m told I will succeed
And my high intelligence
With my love to read
So these random thoughts
Come from my unique brain
I know how to be myself
And to dance in the rain
So now I have said all this
And eyes, don’t dare blink
Self, listen when I say I love you
And you’re better than you think

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